About the Author

Barbara B. Adams, PsyD

Dr. Adams specializes in organizational development.  She is an expert in and has a great passion for workforce diversity and inclusion.  She works with technology, healthcare, financial services and government clients throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia.  She is the Founder and Chief Learning Officer at GAR (Gender, Age, Race) Diversity Consulting.

Dr. Adams is a former director in the National Diversity and Inclusion office at Kaiser Permanente, the largest non-profit, integrated healthcare system in the United States.  Kaiser Permanente is ranked #1 of the Top 50 companies in the 2016 DiversityInc survey, which Dr. Adams had responsibility for leading.  She also maintained responsibility for inclusive leadership development, execution of unconscious bias learning solutions to a workforce of 175,000 people, and design of a virtual leadership academy for multicultural business resource groups.  She is a past member of National Speakers Association.

Prior to joining Kaiser Permanente in 2006, Dr. Adams worked for 10 years as a global management and technology consultant with American Management Systems, Inc. Her multidisciplinary background is in organization development, psychology, and diversity and inclusion.  She holds a Doctorate of Psychology degree in Organizational Development, and resides with her family in Northern California.

Dr. Adams is active in her community and profession. She is a member of the following organizations:

National and California Diversity Councils,  National Organization Development Network,  Womens National Book Association,   Global Diversity Collaborative,  Non-Fiction Authors Association,  Diversity Professionals, Left Coast Writers, Links for Shrinks, and Linked:HR (#1 Human Resources Group)

Subject Matter Expert at Global Lives Project http://globallives.org/