GAR (Gender, Age & Race) Diversity Consulting, LLC

My mission in diversity consulting is to help organizations create and sustain inclusive work environments by maximizing the value that differences in people bring to the workplace.  Gender, age and race are just three of many dimensions of difference.  Our physical abilities, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, ethnicity, education, work experience, and more, all comprise diverse dimensions of human beings.

How we describe ourselves, our appearance, and beliefs, make up the visible and hidden components of our identities.  How much effort does it take for people to manage their daily identities in your company?  What would a psychologically safe work environment look and feel like?  No work environment is inclusive, when people have to hide important parts of who they are.  And research is clear: inclusive, equitable, and diverse teams consistently outperform and innovate better than homogeneous teams.  Inclusive diversity is a powerful business advantage, but it is remarkably difficult to attain.

As an organization development expert in diversity and inclusion, I have been helping companies create systemic processes of change for more than twenty years.  Shifting unconscious biases and implicit judgment of others to curiosity about differences is one enabler of organizational change.  Four additional steps are required to create and sustain equitable, inclusive and diverse workforces.  This work is not for the faint of heart, but if you are a courageous leader, contact me at 415-860-2727, and let’s collaborate.